KingKenechikingmusic.com is a one stop shop for all your music Licensing, Sync, Film, T.V, Songs, Songwriting, Commercials, Advertising, etc…needs.

If what you want is immediate clearance for synchronization, master, publishing rights, etc…you are at the right place KingKenechiking Music Publishing & Licensing. If you like wasting your time with untimely delays tracking down, the composer, the publisher, the musicians, or the record label to grant rights then try the other guys. One of the many aspects that make us #1 is that we own the copyright, master right, publishing & licensing rights to 98% of the music on KINGkenechiKING.com. All your musical licensing needs are just a phone call away fast and hassle free.

Almost 100% of the time Film/T.V music licensing/sync is a time sensitive matter. Our goal here at KINGkenechiKING Music Publishing & Licensing is to become the fastest music licensing unit in the history of music licensing.


No one in the industry offers all the components we offer in one place:

Great Original Sample Free Music

  • We Own The Copyrights
  • We Own The Master Rights
  • We Own The Publishing Rights
  • If you don’t have time to go through our catalog contact us at 1-888-668-8884 or kingkenechiking@gmail.com tell us what you needs and we will go through our catalog and find a list of tracks/songs that match your needs then you can choose from that list, free of charge to you.
  • We Create & Add New Music On A Daily Basis.

Our music is original & sample free. We create music in all genre & spectrum of music…so constantly check our site to keep up with all of our material. For an easier way to keep up with new material sing up to be added to our email list. All material at KINGkenechiKING is protected, fully copywritten, and coded with an audible and none audible audio water mark for feather protection.

Feel free to contact us at any time for any questions or help.

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